It is with a heavy heart that I write this message today.

On August 13th at 10:10pm my father SNP Marq passed away.

This website he worked on for the better half of his life; waking up at the crack of dawn almost daily, and if something big was happening or coming out on a certain day, would check multiple times through the day for the latest stories to keep information current for the legions of people who used it as a source for their cybersecurity and Windows/Linux security news, with his own little twist of comedic commentary.

Marq was of genius IQ, dedicating some of his time to cybersecurity, running a BBS in the early 90s until it was shut down, then working on InfoSysSec, which became Security News Portal (SNP). All the while was dedicating every other moment to caring for and loving his wife and three children. He spent many hours on the road with two sons who played ice hockey, driving through rain and snow storms to make sure we made it to every game and every practice early. He taught us what respect, courage, wisdom, and love are and molded us into the adults we are today. When he wasn't occupied with making sure the kids got to their commitments, he could be found close to his wife and life partner of 40 years.

In Marq's passing, his surviving wife, two sons, a daughter, and two granddaughters are left shell-shocked by how quickly things progressed in a downward spiral, ultimately leading to his demise. A GoFundMe has been created to help our family cover funeral expenses; all contributions are greatly appreciated.

Now as for the website; unfortunately none of the surviving family knows the amount of work that was put into this website better than I, and unfortunately I've not the knowledge of the processes or the time to be able to continue on the legacy of Security News Portal. So after a brief time of this message being available, the site will be shutting down indefinitely. Unless a third party makes contact to buyout the domains, hosting, and files being hosted that ran the page, if this is a possibility I will notify with an updated message. Otherwise a number of the domains will be kept for sentimental value and eventually point to a page with no content at all.

Rest in Paradise Marq.

Best Regards,

SNP Doug